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Built from experience, perseverance and passion.

CDG Cosmetics is a luxurious anti-aging cream for your demanding skin. The product is made out of valuable herbal raw materials from Switzerland, combined with traditionally produced argan oil from the Atlas Mountains. The uniqueness of this combination increases the effect of the individual raw materials, by improving the skin texture after only two weeks of usage.

The whole production takes place in Italy, which guarantees the purity and the standardized composition of the products. All products are tested authorized by the cantonal laboratory in Zurich (Switzerland) – the formulations are protected worldwide. Of course all of the products are free from Parabene.

When developing our products, we take great care of high efficacy offered for an attractive price. The exceptionally good feedback from our customers motivated us to start the commercialization of our products, although not the whole product line is ready for sale yet.


Dr Clara De Giorgi

President, Swiss Specchia GmbH


Line CDG Cosmetics

CDG Cosmetics is unique in its composition: The beauty and anti-aging cream contains a component based on herbal stem cells, which won the innovation award for the best substance of content in 2008. The raw material is obtained in a CH laboratory from a Swiss apple, which gets called the Swiss magic apple. This component ist so phenomenal, it is capable to activate skin stem cells. Thereby skin aging can be postponed considerably.

The compoint of Malus Domestica was used in many other creams before, so why is CDG Cosmetics unique? Because of the fact that CDG Cosmetics is a cream with a lot of compounds, this means that the share of water is not 90% and one cup of our cream is enough for more than two months. It is enough to use the cream once per day. Additionally we developed our unique CDG Cosmetics Serum. We recommend an additional cream with herbal antioxidants for the evenings, which you can also purchase from us.

We would like to talk about the argan oil: Originating grom the south-western Morocco, argan oil was known for a long time in African dermatology. It protects your skin and performs an anti-aging effect through the moisturizing property. The skin appears to be more vital after only four weeks of usage.

Our creams are designed by a specialist and friend with decades of uncomparable experience. We have over 2500 happy customers, who wouldn’t want to miss the treatment und we hope it will be more every day. Try it yourself and indulge in something pleasant for you and your surrounding. A cultivated appearance is good for your mood and therefore also good for your health. It makes you attactive and leads to more success. You will discover new ways in your life.